The Power of STI

Sequential Technology International (STI) is the trusted BPO partner of wireline/wireless telecommunication, broadband, cable/MSO, and satellite service providers. We offer solutions that range across all customer interactions and touchpoints.

Superior customer experience (CX) happens when every contact channel blends seamlessly to produce a unified customer view. STI’s teams in the U.S. and across the globe have the dedication, commitment to customer needs, and deep domain expertise required to provide great CX.

Proceed with confidence, knowing that the STI branch of your corporate model will graft seamlessly to your existing business practices. STI’s capabilities become your capabilities in the eyes of your customers.

Our experienced teams of process-focused business analysts and customer experience professionals are here to help you meet the challenges of an ever-evolving marketplace.

Customer care. It’s in our DNA.

A natural extension of your business.


STI is powered by people and technology. Driving revenue, delivering service.

Our People

With over 4,000 professionals at nine locations worldwide, STI eliminates the time and expenditure of building out, staffing and scaling customer service centers by providing best-in-class CX center operations. Supporting our people are a set of carrier grade call center management and operations tools including:

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Workforce Management Command Center
  • Call Tracking
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Robust management reporting

Our Technology

STI call centers run smoothly, 24/7/365. Maintaining this degree of dependability requires world-class infrastructure and experience. STI’s PCI-certified solutions are grounded in:

  • Avaya ACD/PBX platform
  • Calabrio recording, scheduling, and performance management
  • MPLS network infrastructure
  • AT&T-hosted IVR solutions

Our Promise: A Superior Customer Experience

STI streamlines the customer experience at every touchpoint. Whether buying, upgrading, or seeking support for services and devices, we remove complexity from customer interactions resulting in:

  • Fast-to-market, results driven customer care programs
  • Higher conversion rates
  • End-to-end visibility through analytics
  • Lower cost through automation, reduced error rates and shortened cycle times
  • An integrated approach to optimizing sales channels
  • Uniform product portfolio and pricing across sales channels



Telecommunications. Broadband. Cable/MSO. Satellite. OEM.

Direct Sales

STI provides direct sales support for upsells, cross-sales and calls to order.

Help Desk

Using voice and chat, STI provides support for troubleshooting, sales, billing, account management, and cloud users.

24/7 Support

Our global resources provide round-the-clock support with multilingual capabilities across multiple platforms.

Local Number Portability

Maintain your existing telephone number across service providers via local number portability (LNP) and with precise back office systems & support, with a focus on fallout management and resolution.


Ensure that orders continue processing with comprehensive order fallout management services from STI.


STI provides network order provisioning services, including ASR, disconnects, and port-outs.

Directory Listing (DL)

STI has the information processing and validation programs required for efficient directory listing; from traditional listings, standalone internal systems, or complex, enhanced services with special features.

Fraud Management

Manage fraud around-the-clock with real-time device fraud management services from STI.

Service Excellence through Innovation & Integration


Our Customer Experience BPO operations give service providers lower operating costs and increased conversion rates.

Experience & Cost

We rely on deep domain expertise to drive costs down while driving customer satisfaction and ARPU up.


We help you deliver streamlined services—with cutting-edge components that keep you ahead of the curve.


Through flexible staffing models, we can augment your staffing levels for changing business needs.


We can scale on demand, allowing your managers to focus on their core tasks.


Through our transaction-based pricing model, clients have clear cost visibility aligned with volumes and business need.


We offer competitive rates and market-leading conversion rates.


Our solutions and services are designed to increase the operational efficiency of your business; we deliver quickly and precisely—just what you need.

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